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Brand: Santoor Model: BK-564
Santoor Plain Bathing Bar, 150gm [Pack of 4]Great solution for problems such as blackhead, acne and skin allergies; Consists of Sandalwood which is good for both skin types - Dry and oily skinHas antimicrobial properties, making it a popular herbal antiseptic for treating minor skin abrasions; It re..
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Brand: Santoor Model: BK-565
Santoor Sandal & Almond Milk Soap  (3 x 150 g)The Santoor Sandal and Almond Milk Soap will take your skin on a therapeutic rendezvous, as its concoction of sandalwood extracts and almond milk helps in treating minor skin-related problems, besides keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized..
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Santoor Soap 100 gms
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Brand: Santoor Model: BK-564
Santoor Soap 100 gmsSandal and Turmeric have been an essential part of Indian woman's skin care regimen for centuries. The deep acting ingredients of Turmeric and Sandal in the soap provide a smooth, soft and clear skin while also giving a youthful glow to the skin. It has fresh, energizing and a lo..
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