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Comfort Food

Brand: Bikaji Model: BK-382
Bikaji Namkeen - Alu Bhujia, Tana Tan, 400 gKey FeaturesBikaneri famous hot and spicy extruded fried Indian snackTrans fat freeZero cholesterolUnit 400 g...
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Britannia Tiger Biscuits - Glucose, 124 g
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Brand: Britannia Model: BK-279
Britannia Tiger Biscuits - Glucose, 124 gBritannia tiger glucose biscuit are 100% vegetarian and apt for all ages. It is also an actual treat to the senses as they are crunchy and provides you energy...
Brand: Chambal Model: BK00021
Chambal Refined Oil - Soya Bean , 2L Chambal Refined Oil - Soya Bean is processed with next-generation High Absorbent Refining Technology (H.A.R.T). So, your everyday meals not only taste better but also make your Bones stronger and your Heart and Eyes healthier...
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Brand: Dabur Model: BK-29
Dabur 100% Pure HoneyKey Features100% Pure honeyNatural and OrganicRich in antioxidantsRich in vitamins and mineralsProvides energy and strengthens immunityAids digestion..
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Dabur Chyawanprash - 2X Immunity, 2 kg
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Brand: Dabur Model: BK-5
Dabur Chyawanprash - 2X Immunity, 2 kgDerived from a 2,500 year old Ayurvedic formula. | Stimulates the bodys immunity against everyday infections like cough, cold, and infections caused by seasonal weather changes. | Increases energy, and supports overall well-being. | Provides diges..
Brand: Dabur Model: BK-31
Dabur Honey - India's No.1, 400 g Benefits1. One tablespoon of Dabur honey with warm water daily morning will help you in managing weight and reducing one size in 90 days (clinically tested).                              ..
Brand: Fortune Model: BK-3420
Fortune Soya Health Oil Refined Soyabean Oil 15KGProduct Type: Oils & Ghee  OilsBrand: FORTUNE Country of Origin: India Food Preference: Vegetarian Type: Soyabean Oil ..
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Brand: Fortune Model: BK000232
Fortune Soya Health Oil Refined Soyabean Oil 500 mlFSSAI's Initiative on Safe & Nutritious Food. Please visit
Heinz Sampriti Ghee Pouch, 1 L
-16 %
Model: BK00021
Heinz Sampriti Ghee Pouch, 1 LThis is a Vegetarian product.Heinz sampriti ghee is made from high-quality milkIts made in hygienic conditions in our own factoryGhee is good source of energyProvides vitality to human body..
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Kellogg's Chocos Ragi, 350g
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Brand: Kellogg's Model: BK-652
Kellogg's Chocos Ragi, 350gKellogg's Ragi Chocos is a double role of the yummy chocolaty taste of Chocos with the goodness of ragi. Go get your pack today! Kyuki Khayega toh bindaas karegaGive your Kids a Solid start to the day with the Ragi & Wheat based yummy chocolaty Kellogg's Ragi ChocosKel..
Brand: Kellogg's Model: BK-650
Kellogg's Chocos Whole Grain, 375gYummy Chocolaty cereal with whole grain that your kids will love, with Protein and fibre of 1 RotiGive your Kids a Solid start to the day with the grain based yummy chocolaty Kellogg's ChocosKellogg's chocos offers a low-fat, cholesterol-free food fortified with Vit..
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Brand: Kellogg's Model: BK-653
Kellogg's Chocos, High in Protein, B Vitamins, Calcium And Iron, 1.2kg PackStart your kid's mornings with a nourishing breakfast like Kellogg’s Chocos with milk, and empower them to take on the day aheadKellogg’s Chocos is a wheat based cereal with goodness of wholegrain and yummy chocolaty taste th..
Rs.400.00 Rs.405.00
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