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Good knight Activ + Liquid Refill - Lavender, 45 ml
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Brand: Good Knight Model: BK-331
Good knight Activ + Liquid Refill - Lavender, 45 mlThe Power of Good knight - now with a great lavender fragrance. A mosquitos irritating bites can ruin almost any occasion. Its not just about the nuisance they cause, mosquitoes are also carriers of some of the most deadly diseases! Hence, getting r..
Rs.70.00 Rs.78.00
Brand: Good Knight Model: BK-333
Good knight Advanced - Fast Card, 10 pcs PouchHow to Use1. Open the pack, 2. Light at rhe edges, 3. Blow out the flat and let it Smolder..
Brand: Hit Model: BK-69
HIT Flying Insect Killer (FIK), 320 mlThe maid at your home usually doesn’t clean the corners – like beneath the bed, behind the curtains and almirahs. This gives Dengue causing mosquitoes hidden breeding ground. Spraying HIT in the corners kills all hidden mosquitoes. So Kill Dengue with Kaala HIT!..
Rs.170.00 Rs.178.00
Brand: Hit Model: BK-70
HIT kills Hidden Cockroaches, 400 mlHit red kills hidden cockroaches utilized for killing cockroaches and extra insects. It kills unseen cockroaches its one of the most general house hold, Which avoids from cockroaches, insect are the major cause for allergies and infection, we are infected like dys..
Rs.175.00 Rs.182.00
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